Goddess Rosie

How Bad Do You Want To Lick?

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Posted: 12/29/2018
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Foot Worship , Foot Domination , Ebony

There are plenty of you foot bitches out there that want to lick my feet so badly. As if I would give that to you freaks easily!


Not bitches, you must EARN that and it won’t be easy. I’m going to get a good laugh out of it too of course. I’m going to play with your head and break you down.


I’m going to break you down and make you hurt your balls for me. Not like you need them anyway, you can’t even fuck right you’re so addicted to my feet.


You only get hard from my feet. Pussy isn’t even that great to you anymore. And you want to lickmy feet baddddd… don’t you addict?


Haha, I know. Get down where you belong and get ready to do whatever I say foot slave.