Ceara Lynch

Houseboy Dungeon Audition

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:10:08
Posted: 08/08/2018
File size: 739.53 MB
Category: Female Domination

Normally I’d prefer to hire a woman as a housekeeper for my dungeon. I have a lot of girlfriends that like to use my play space and they just feel more comfortable if a woman cleaned up after they've finished. They think a guy doing all the cleaning would get distracted easily with so many hot girls running around leaving their panties and toys everywhere. I have a feeling about you, that you’ll be determined to impress us and demonstrate your strong work ethic. I’m certain you’re a hard worker otherwise I wouldn’t actually be considering you for the job, but I just worry you’ll end up stealing all my girls panties. So if I give you the job, then you’ll have to agree to my terms. On top of doing all the cleaning, laundry, and whatever task we demand of you, you will also wear a chastity cage so you can’t play with your cock while working. We don’t need to see our ugly houseboy’s gross boner during our dungeon sessions.