Mistress Salem

Homewrecker Succubus Sensual Invitation JOI

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Posted: 06/25/2018
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Category: Home Wrecker
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Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Femdom POV , Orgasm Control , Pussy Worship

I call to you from a deep place inside of your most buried desires. Though you're a married man, you can't stop yourself from hearing My voice in your head, summoning you... Sneak away, again, into this tantalizing world of sin. I am like nothing you've seen or experienced... you want to know what this kinky creature is capable of doing to you... Sure, homewrecking is easy, but really getting into your head and taking control of your cock and all of your thoughts is what I'm here for. Stare into My mesmerizing green eyes and make Me a promise while you unzip your pants and get ready to cum for Me... EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS MINE. When she's not here, I am consuming and ravaging your thoughts. I mindfuck you so good, knowing exactly what it is that gets you off... My seduction is fatal. I tease you, flaunt My ass in lacy lingerie, My hard nipples...hard at the thought of bringing you into My world and fully consuming you. I lure you into worshipping My ass...Standing above you, I imprint Myself inside your head... you belong to Me, not her... The feeling of being Mine, being My slave, here in this room worshipping My powerful pussy... this is your escape. I want you here in this room, giving in fully, because you want Me, not her. you want to cum with ME- not her. I am the succubus embedded in your desires, I see it in your eyes, you want Me so badly... Everything about Me entrances you, in My room, My hedonistic kinky world, leather high heels lacy lingerie thigh high nylons and My dirty talk... say it, "Everything about me is yours." Say it while I ensnare you, while you stroke your cock for My ass, while you become more and more weak... I see your fear, but I know some day you will give in... fuck your hand sensually while My power consumes you, My pussy in your face, My mesmerizing jerk off instructions...Our time together is limited by her and you will cum at the end of My countdown... you know inside that you belong to Me. Here, in this room. Submit to the homewrecker succubus...