Goddess Christina

Homewrecker: Goddess Controls ALL Now

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Posted: 01/15/2018
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Tit Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Brat Girls , Ass Worship

New year and new life for you slave. I know I’m not the only woman in your life, but I will be THE woman. I come first, she comes last. Always! She can’t even begin to compare to me. I’m hot - she’s not. I’m smart - she’s stupid. I’m sexy - she’s hideous. Go on… compare her to me. Look at me and look at her. Look at what I’m doing to you! See what I do to that cock. It’s so hard for me right now. She can’t do that to you. See how I get into your head. I fuck it all up. And you love it! She can’t do that either. Fuck her. I come first! You will worship ME. You will be MY slave. You’ll want ME sooo bad… but you’ll never get ME. That cock, that body, that mind, that money --- it’s all MINE. I control it all. You are MINE! I’m the ultimate homewrecker. I tear shit all apart. You fear me but you love ME. Now bow down slave. On your knees where you belong!