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Home Wrecked by Missy Rhodes

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Posted: 10/10/2014
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Financial Domination

We have a problem. You know what it is. It's that wife of yours. We both know you want Missy and not your wife. You and Missy both know you want to spend your money on Missy. So why is your wife still around? You know what to do. Don't act like you're the man around the house. You're Missy's bitch, and you better be a good bitch to her. Come on, wouldn't you rather look at Missy and spend your money on her than your wife? Do you even know how lucky you are to be Missy's bitch? Go on, you know what to do. You need to get rid of that wife of yours. Show your wife a picture of Missy so your wife knows who you've been thinking about the last years when you were fucking her and when you were jerking off on your own. File for that divorce now so all your money can be Missy's.