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High School Virgin Loser Turned Total Slave

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Clip length: 00:12:11
Posted: 03/22/2018
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Category: Humiliation
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Jockstraps , Taboo , Public Outdoor , Toilet S1avery , Strap-On

*custom clip* Description: "I am the loser virgin that was obsessed with you back in school.  We run into each other later in life.  You convince me to come by.

You are in a hot outfit and wearing a strap on.  You reminisce about how I was your bitch back then and the humiliating things you put me through.  Some possible examples are licking urinals, cleaning/sucking on dirty jockstraps, d******g a cup of your piss at lunch and you spitting loogies into my mouth.  We would meet in the woods/park, you would sell me a container of shit and watch me eat it while I jerked off. The last time we had seen each other I said that I loved you and asked to be your boyfriend.  You laughed and said that I could be your slave.

You tease me with your tits and cock.  You make fun of me for still being a virgin and let me know the offer is still on the table.  My “virginity” is also.  I seal the deal by kissing your dick and your ass.  You own me."