Hawaii Vacation Bitch

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Posted: 07/28/2017
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Bikini , Financial Domination

So I'm spending the entirety of August on vacation; almost all of it in Hawaii. I'll be island hopping, laying in designer bikinis on the beach, sipping cocktails and generally having a blast on your dime, in paradise. No; you’re not invited, but your wallet is. Losers shouldn’t know the first thing about vacation. After all, who wants to see a fat, balding, pasty, gross wanker on the beach? You know you wouldn’t be able to help yourself and you’d be perving on all of the hot girls like me, right? It’s your job to stay at home and work, so that I don’t need to lift a finger whilst I’m away. You should always be handing your hard earned cash over to me, so that you couldn’t possibly afford a vacation anyway. Keeping the pervy losers like you chained to a desk, and the pretty women of the world in designer bikinis on the beach is really just the way the world should be. So as you indulge in a little bikini body worship today, as you stroke for my toned legs and tight ass, you'll discover that I'm employing you as my Hawaii Vacation Bitch. Yes this will involve tributes, yes this will involve shopping for me, yes this will involve picking up tabs and being a good little bill bitch. Buy this to get started.