Harley Quinn's Upper Hand

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Posted: 04/20/2017
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Category: Fantasy

Harley Quinn’s Upper Hand

STARRING: Pepper Hart and Emma Scarlett

Harley Quinn has finally cornered Batgirl. It will make Mr. J so proud! Wrestling Batgirl to the ground Harley ties her wrists super tight. Spreading her asscheeks apart Harley plays peek-a-boo with Batgirls taught little pussy as a reminder of who’s in control. Harley get’s Batgirl to the couch, revealing her special surprise, a bright purple strap on. She jams it into the submitted Batgirls cunt. Working it in and out of her new little Bat Slut. Tossing aside the strap-on, Harley mounts Batgirls face, f*****g her to direct her sonar tongue on Harley Quinn’s wet clit. Laying back on the couch Harley shoves Batgirls face into her, taking her mouth for all it can give until she cums on her face and tosses Batgirl aside for Mr. J to deal with later.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Super Heroine, Fondling, Lesbian Pussy Licking, Lesbian Strap On, Orgasm, Disheveled, Boots, Body Views, Foot Views.

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