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Harassment Trample Part 1 - Angel Lee

Price: $11.99
Clip length: 00:12:50
Posted: 03/19/2018
File size: 127.73 MB
Category: Smothering & Trampling
Secondary categories:
Body Busting , Trampling , Pantyhose/Stockings , Legs , Female Domination

Angel Lee is bemused to have her coworker tied to the bed after all of his sexual harassment in the office. The shoes that he made lewd comments about are poked into his tender flesh. However Angel takes them off because she really wants to t*****e him and dig her feet deeply into him. She mocks him with the upskirt view that he so desperately wanted. Her strong legs are clad in a sexy garter and stockings set and it does not give him the thrill he anticipated as  she jumps up and down. Angel savors how his bones crunch under her feet.Since he always stared at her cleavage, she removes her silky shirt and shows off her bra clad tits. The skirt is stripped off and she is so close but so far away in her sexy lingerie. Angel manages to give him everything he wanted but nothing at all at the same time! There is one more surprise for him as she calls her friend Jasmin to come over later...

OTHER KEYWORDS- female supremacy, Angel Lee,  male bondage, leg fetish, long hair,