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Happy ThanksForMe Day!

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Posted: 11/21/2018
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Category: Goddess Worship
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Pantyhose/Stockings , Fishnets , Humiliation , Financial Domination , Femdom POV

I have designated today as the official “ThanksForMe Day.” So you can start by getting down on your knees and THANKING ME. Thank ME for existing… thank ME for giving you purpose. Before you found Me, you never thought you would EVER have a chance to interact with a perfect gorgeous Goddess. Before Me, you never had a life worth living. Awww… poor little loser!! Well luckily for you, here I am to help you realize your true purpose on earth. Here i am to help you realize that your life is worth living because you serve ME. Which means, you will spend your Thanksgiving (or whatever day it is when you buy this clip) worshipping ME. Losers like you go to work every day so they can come home and spend on Me. You work hard, you even get a second job, you take out loans, all because you NEED to make Me happy. This is what losers were meant to do! you were meant to worship, be humiliated, and SERVE your superior Goddess. And just because I know how hard you can struggle at times… I have created this clip as motivation and a constant reminder that you exist because I SAY SO. Happy Thanks-For-Me Day, losers!!