Goddess Rosie

Hairy Armpit Stroke

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Posted: 08/09/2014
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What is it about me that is so alluring to you? Is it my beautiful skin... My gorgeous dark eyes... or my perfectly perky breasts? I know your attraction to me is so strong... so what is it? Oh... your one of those guys. My ARMPITS!?

Well, I guess I could see the allure. I like to keep things natural sometimes, and my armpits are especially hairy at the moment. Oh? You prefer them that way. Great! Let me tease you with my hairy armpits, and I can already see I am getting quite the RISE out of you. Come closer and watch me stroke my hands up and down my hairy armpits. Just like you like, right? You want to lick them so badly, don't you? You just want to take your cock and stroke them up and down my armpits. That would feel so nice.

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