Price: $10.00
Clip length: 00:10:07
Posted: 03/25/2017
File size: 435.89 MB
Category: Foot Humiliation
Secondary categories:
Foot Domination , Dangling , Femdom POV , Foot/Shoe Fetish

You're a pathetic little foot bitch and we both know it, it doesn't matter how badly you try to resist you can't stay away from my rich, white, American feet. You obsessed and with good reason look at these yummy white fucking toes and soles wrinkled and wiggled in your face. You can't resist them and you won't even try. Submit foot bitch, know your fucking role and worship with your wallet at my feet. Visit my wishlist to send a pair of boots or high heels to spoil my feet properly. Foot losers don't need spending money, just Clip money! The rest belongs at my Findom Feet!

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