Got You By Your Piggy Balls

Price: $4.99
Clip length: 00:05:50
Posted: 05/13/2017
File size: 43.14 MB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy

I really do have you by your droopy piggy balls don’t I loser, you’re just a mindless fuckwit now, doing everything I want, waiting for my next orders to obey, downloading all my clips, you’re just so addicted to my amazingness. Not to mention those pervy little pictures I have of you, it’s always good to have something in reserve too isn’t it loser, you never know when they might come in handy, they could so easily find their way to your girlfriend/wife or even your boss...hahaha. Just in case you get any stupid ideas about not doing as you’re told, there's absolutely no escape now, not that there ever was in the first place, but just in case you were under any illusion, you are forever under my control now and I will ruin you one way or another.

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