Kelle Martina

Gone in 60 Seconds

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Posted: 07/20/2018
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Category: Humiliation
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Smacktalk , Masturbation Instruction , Cheerleaders , Femdom POV , Embarrassment

There are so many terms for a man like you, a man who struggles with premature ejaculation. I mean it’s really such a sad, pathetic condition. I would never fuck a man with that problem, but it’s not like you have anything to worry about.

You are going to have a little test – a very short test. Do you think you that you can hold off cumming for 60 seconds? Just one minute? That’s all you have to do, just hold your cum for one minute. I know that once I spread my legs in this little cheerleader outfit you’ll probably be squirting all over yourself. I don’t know if you’re going to make it.

Pathetic premature ejaculation humiliation.