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Golden Mask - Monica Jade

Price: $13.99
Clip length: 00:14:48
Posted: 07/15/2018
File size: 452.18 MB
Category: Transformation
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Magic , Boots , Ebony , All Natural

Monica Jade was given a tip about a golden mask that is worth a lot of money. The only problem is that it is hidden in a very full warehouse full of junk. She knows that once she finds it, she will have a huge payday from her boss. Luck has it that she finds a box filled with masks, but she realizes that it would not be standing out in the open. As she moves on, she sees a group of mannequins and is taken aback. This place is so weird!Once she finds the real mask, she reads the inscribed quote, “The wearer of this magical mask will gain their weight in gold.” Her boss told her not to wear it, but she cannot resist the siren call of huge wealth. After she places it on her face, she stiffly moves as the gold particles settle. Her body hardens to a frozen statue and she will be placed with the other statutes she saw before. Everyone falls for that line!

OTHER KEYWORDS-body painting, Monica Jade, ebony goddess, girl next door, GND, OTK boots, Over the knee boots, ponytail, statue fetish,