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Golden Fantasies: The Lead Up Feels

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Posted: 09/02/2018
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The Lead up to dirty Showering from a Dominant's perspective.

When I finish a scene, if it hasn't had golden involved, often times that part of my body shuts off until needed.  That means when I come up for air after playing with a sub, that first pee is AMAZING.

Sometimes I meditate on how amazing and hold off the release, building and building the feeling and heat in my body for a bigger payoff with the slave who is going to drink my pee for me.

The anticipation is another high, another set of sensations to enjoy as the urge becomes stronger and stronger.. would you be able to finish it all off for me, to make my act of piss-release overlap with your submission? You wouldn't disappoint my big finish .. of unloading the contents of my bladder deep down your throat?

Watch me meditate and talk about the lead up to Golden treat, listen to me talk about the sensations that I experience as I come down and feel my bladder more and more.. prolonging the sensations for a bigger payoff.. something I highly recommend you learn to do to be a patient and filled up piss slut..or pee newbie.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

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