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Posted: 02/16/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
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Mindfuck , Pantyhose/Stockings , Financial Domination , Cock Tease , Ass Worship

Go on, I dare you, I know you really want to, you're so curious as to what you'll see, what I’ll say, what I’m going to do in this clip, it's really playing on your mind. You want to, but you're trying to resist, you think you shouldn't, you think you should stop this nonsense & get over your addiction, at least make it to February. It's just too hard for you to resist, you keep watching the preview, logging off, but it's playing over & over in your mind, my body, my beauty, my feet, my ass, my nylon covered legs, you're desperate to hear my voice, you're desperate to stroke that cock, it's been permanently erect since you watched the preview, trying to resist me just makes it all the more harder for you to stop, because you know, when it all gets too much, when that pathetic cock of yours is aching so badly to be touched at the thought & sight of me, you'll download this clip, it will send you into an utter frenzy, wanking your cock like never before. I bet you barely make it to the end of this clip.....hahaha Losers! You can't resist me! You were never going to resist me, I own you! You know nothing else makes you feel as good as getting lost in my heavenly body & curing those cravings after absolutely aching for me. Silly boy.