Girlfriend Finds Out You're A Sissy On Valentine's Day

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Posted: 02/11/2018
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Category: Feminization
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Role Play , Sissy Training , Humiliation , Bi Humiliation

Umm, why is there a pair of panties lying around? These definitely aren't mine. Have you been cheating on me? On Valentine's Day?! Oh, no... well then how did these end up in our bedroom? Wait, these look like they would fit you. Are they yours? Try them on, we'll see if they fit. LOL like a glove! I bet you have a whole bunch of outfits, don't you. Go put something on, get all dressed up for me. Since you are all dressed up like a girl, time for your Valentine's blow job. And no, I'm not giving you one... I have something else in mind.


Categories: Coerced Bi, Feminization, GFE, Humiliation, Sissy Training