Giantess YouTube Influencer Invades and Enslaves Earth

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Posted: 10/22/2019
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I am a beautiful, bratty, rich Youtube influencer and I've just got back from an all expenses paid trip, and I'm now making a video for My millions of fans on Youtube, bragging all about it! But this wasn't just any trip, this was an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience. Literally. We went to this weird little planet called Dirt, or Earth or something. Anyways, when we get there it's crazy, it's like a miniature version of our planet! Like tiny little buildings and cars and tiny little people! The company supplied UNLIMITED cocktails, so we got pretty trashed, put on our bikinis and went to the city to explore. And cause we'd had so much to drink and so much bigger than everything we kinda accidentally started flattening everything and killing all the tiny earthlings, LOL! It was so funny, they were terrified and running away and we were on such a power trip! Eventually they realised they couldn't escape us so they just gave up and started bowing to us and worshipping us and kissing our feet like the Goddesses that we are. It was so cute I took a bunch of them home with me to have as little slaves and I make them do all sorts of tasks like paint my toenails and even clean My boyfriends massive cock, hahaha!