Kelle Martina

Giantess Mouth

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:10:00
Posted: 01/07/2019
File size: 388.55 MB
Category: Vore
Secondary categories:
Giantess , Aliens and Monsters , Femdom POV , Mouth

No dialogue. 0-2 minutes : From POV of tiny man on floor: you stand over tiny man looking down at him. Reach down pick him up and look at him close up. Place him on a table.

2-4 minutes: Tiny man is on a table top looking up at you, you're sitting at the table towering above him. Begin by looking straight ahead. Turn head side-to side like looking around the room, then touch-up your lipstick. Look down at tiny man moving only your eyes. Playfully threaten vore by leaning down towards him (perhaps more than once)

4-6 minutes: Start scene focused on your profile from one side. Turn towards the camera (again, somewhat slowly), tilt your head back slightly and open your mouth while licking your lips.

6-7 minutes: Plastic figure is on table top. With camera to one side (showing your profile at approximately tabletop height), slowly lean over from your seated position, open your mouth and continue down so that the figure ends up being surrounded by your lips and pulled into your mouth. Sit back up and show the figure on your lips/in your mouth.

7-10 minutes: This scene requires a mirror to enable the camera to record your face directly from the front while simultaneously recording your profile. Start with just your face looking straight ahead, then add some opening of your mouth with lip licking. Finally add the small plastic figure with some mouth play. Of course, feel free to add other angles, if there is time available.