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Get Under My Old Stained Socks: Sock Worship and Feet, Legs and Underfoot Feels

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Posted: 09/20/2018
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Category: Socks
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Latex , Femdom POV , Legs

Wearing my well-loved thigh high white and green socks that I've owned for years and years. I've worn them to many festivals and had a lot of fantastic experiences in them.


Here you're given the opportunity to worship my legs and feet through my socks, or know your place beneath my feet, or beneath my dirty socks, me in a sexy sheer latex dress to match...


A treat for:



    • Sock sniffing pervs


    • Underfoot slaves


    • Sock nibblers


    • Sock cuddlers


    • Leg fetishists


    • Scissor Sluts


    • Femdom Slaves


    • Goddess Worshippers


    • Sock fetishists



I instruct you on how to worship my dirty old awesome socks through sniffing, kissing, reminding you of your place beneath my feet, where you belong...


Sit on your hands as you watch this and appreciate the bottom to top sock, leg, and foot worship.


Admire + Appreciate + Feel deep gratitude and pleasure, a little boost of tease and denial dopamine...


Queen Aspasia








Queen Aspasia

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