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Genevieve Bond, Episode Two: Agent DD-7 vs Mr. Hinx

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Posted: 12/26/2016
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Category: Role Play
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Curvy , Big Tits , Costumes , Forced Orgasms , Nipples

The name’s Bond, Genevieve Bond, Codename Agent Double-D Seven. Continuing on my secret mission to defeat SPECTRE and track down its leader, Blofeld, I confront Blofeld’s gigantic henchman and top assassin, Mr. Hinx. Hinx is the biggest, strongest, toughest henchman in the espionage business. And also the deadliest, or so he thinks until he encounters my lethal weapons! Unfortunately for him, his physical strength is simply no match for the hipnotic sexual power of my massive, irresistible spy tits. Pulling my spy boobs out before he can react, I instantly put him into a breast t****e from which he will never escape. By the time I’m done with this big boy, it’s all over for him for good. His bulging muscles are useless against my hipnotic breasts, and he’s unable to move or resist as I stroke his huge cock to sap his strength, then wrap my huge, deadly spy tits around his face smother him into oblivion as I stroke him into ecstasy. After I count him down to a deadly orgasm, he expires in my k!ll3r cleavage and falls lifeless at my feet in a giant puddle of his own cum. Then I step right over his limp b0dy and I’m off again to complete my mission and defeat SPECTRE once and for all. You’re next, Blofeld!