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Genevieve Bond, Episode Three: Agent DD-7 vs Goldencock

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Posted: 03/20/2017
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The name’s Bond, Genevieve Bond, Code-name Agent Double-D Seven.  Continuing my secret mission to defeat SPECTRE and capture its leader, Blofeld, I wake up with my hands tied, not knowing where I am.  Oh no, Blofeld used knockout gas to capture me right after I defeated his massive henchman, Mr. Hinx, and has brought me to his secret base as his captive!  Chuckling evilly, Blofeld tells me his secret plan to control the world using MI-6’s own Nine Eyes surveillance program.  Then he reveals what he has in store for me, and takes out his huge, solid gold cock.  OMG, Blofeld is really the arch villain Goldencock!  I should have known!  Swinging his golden hard cock back and forth hypnotically, he explains that he’s going to use his shiny, mesmerizing member to brainwash me into becoming his slave, just like he’s done to other female agents who’ve come after him, then he plans to ravage my pussy with his golden super cock like it’s never been ravaged before!  But I’ve got other plans, and quickly escaping from my bonds I unzip my spy-suit and unleash my own hypnotic weapons:  my massive, mesmerizing spy tits.  Taking control, I push Blofeld down onto his back and mount his golden cock.  It turns out he is going to be fucking me with his golden spy cock after all, but he’ll be doing it on my terms and he’ll be cumming at my command!  My super tight spy pussy is specially trained to dominate even the biggest, hardest enemy cock.  Mesmerizing him with my sexy voice and hypnotically bouncing spy boobs as I ride him, I’m in complete control and his super spy cock doesn’t stand a chance.  By the time I’m through with him, this arch villain’s shiny gold member is limp, drained, and deflated, and he’s my obedient, pussy whipped tit slave, his plans for world domination thwarted forever…  



Once again, Agent Double-D Seven has defeated the bad guys and made the world safe for busty femdom, using the only weapons I ever need:  my hypnotic spy tits and dominating spy pussy!  If you want Agent DD-7 to return for more adventures, email me at  yourgoddessgenevieve@gmail. com and let me know!