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Gay Pride Beatdown, Sissification, & Wallet Draining Humiliation

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:19:34
Posted: 12/01/2018
File size: 101.85 MB
Category: Beatdown
Secondary categories:
Double Domination , Foot Domination , Boots , Humiliation , Financial Domination

This is another installment in the long saga of doughboy. In this TRIPLE Domme clip, doughboy plays the head of an anti-gay organization that was stopped from burning a gay pride flag on campus by Dom Mal. doughboy hires Me and Empress Hana to bring Dom Mal to him, hands tied so that the freak can have his way with Them. However, much to his surprise, We would NEVER turn in Our friend. Mal breaks loose of the bonds and all 3 of Us beat, slap, punch, sissify, and humiliate this loser with Our sexy boots. Dom Mal even makes him suck Their HUGE strapon! We take turns sitting on his face, then of course when he's out cold we empty his closet-fag wallet too!