Goddess Christina

GAY Boy for Goddess: Mental REWIRE

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Clip length: 00:16:04
Posted: 06/26/2018
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Category: Bi-Sexual
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Mindfuck , Gay , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Cum Eating Instruction

You’ve thought about all the humiliating and naughty things that you would do for your Goddess. They’ve all run through your mind as a mere fantasy. You imagine how low you would actually go for me. How much power does Goddess actually hold over you? Could I get you to the point of craving exactly what I tell you to? Could you actually crave cock for Goddess? You’ve wondered. How could it turn you on? The idea? The real life situation playing out? It’s time for your mental REWIRE. Goddess wants to see your face filled by a big superior cock. Your mouth must be filled and put to USE! The day has come. Now you must obey. Your mind is mine. And now your mouth is MINE… my little cock sucker! ***Custom request. Name used. Request: I know that you can make me go lower Goddess. I often fantasize about you coercing me into being a gay boy. Show me pictures of big superior cock. Tell me that my dick is nothing compared to theirs (not necessary sph but just put me in my place) and that I should worship and serve them. Tell me to stroke my dick at a certain point in the clip. Call me a faggot, cock sucker, slut, anything you want and end with CEI. Thank you Goddess.