Gas Leak on Deck! Farting on my Boat

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Posted: 06/12/2017
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Hey guys! Long time no see - after a house move and laptop issues I am BACK and gassier than ever! Here I show off my bloated belly on the deck of my new boat and slowly deflate in front of you.

I let off one fart after another - long, rumbling tumps, high squeaky parps... my poor belly is sooooo bloated and starts to feel better as I finally relax my butt cheeks and let out the wind that I've been storing up for a little while. I lean over the steering wheel, letting my soft, squishy tummy press against the controls. I wonder if I could steer that way!

My huge, round cheeks press against my tight jeans with every single fart. The denim strains under the f***e of my plump body. Eventually the worst of my gas has passed and the deck is pretty much full of hot air... this won't be the last gas leak on my boat ;D

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