Mistress Salem

Fucked & Filled & Milked Mindfucking JOI

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Posted: 10/01/2018
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JOI , Mesmerize , Tit Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Orgasm Control

I'm in control of your cock & your cum during this intense poppers sniffing edging & finger-fucking session. Follow My instructions carefully, obeying every word as you feel the rush of each guided inhale pushing you toward the edge. That edge is where I love to lead you, fucked up poppers puppet. I want to turn you into a whore, poppers sniffing stroking slut, so high & weak struggling to satisfy My demands... I start you off slowly, brainwashing you into ecstasy. Waves of pleasure wash over you as I begin to allow you to stroke your cock... when you finally start playing My edging game you surrender to being My slut- you love the way the poppers give you an out-of-control feeling, almost as if you'd do fucking anything to keep feeling this good! I see it right away- you're such a dirty whore for Me!! I have you stroking along to rounds of counting, obeying My instructions eagerly while you keep sniffing & getting more high - your ass gets excited by this feeling & now it's time for you to feel what these poppers can really do for you...My mindfucking jerk off instructions have you aching to act on impulse, the rush of the poppers making it so you crave to explore your body even more & your ass is begging for attention! Everything you do you do for Me. Sniff just how I've taught you, stare at your shiny Goddess & get ready to feel good. Suck on your loser middle finger & push it up against your hole, feel your ass open up for the finger while My voice drives you mad with desire... put it in, then add more fingers! Do it just as I say, stroke your cock & hump your fingers like you mean it- I see how much you love pushing yourself to the edge where your cock is throbbing so hard that filling up your ass is the only way to bring you back to earth! Just the feeling of one wet finger on your asshole is enough to make it gape for you while you sniff even more, stare at Goddess & trust Me- you're My slut & you're going to fill that hungry hole! Fill your hole with one hand & stroke your cock with the other, following My masturbation instructions, grinding on your fingers while you fuck your hand... say it! "I'm a good slut for you!" "I love being your slut!"Stroke & finger fuck yourself to My seductive voice but don't you dare cum until you have My full permission!I know just how to edge you, bringing you so close to cumming then directing your attention back to that greedy asshole... I put you through so many rounds of sniffing & staring & stroking & fingering yourself that you lose all touch with reality, ass full and gaping, a big hot load of cum in your cock BEGGING for release! In the end you'll be allowed to push that cum out for Me ... while you're finger fucking your asshole & pleasing your prostate! I've gotten you so high on poppers you can't even think to hesitate or say no, you simply obey any command Goddess gives you & fuck your hands like the eager slut you are! Do you honestly think I'd spend 18 minutes turning you into My pretty stroking slut just to let you get away with cumming into your hand? No- you're going to cum INTO one hand and ALL OVER the other hand as you finally allow yourself over the edge & receive My permission to cum as you push out all the cum for Me, flooding your asshole with ecstasy milking your prostate & pushing out every last drop til you are completely drained of cum & used up entirely by Mistress!CLIP CONTAINS: poppers, jerk off instruction, edging, masturbation instruction, mindfuck, prostate massage, anal play, anal masturbation, femdom pov, shiny fetish, tit worship, nipples, blonde goddess, bratty goddess, sniffing, counting, edge play, orgasm control, sub training, brainwashing