Price: $13.99
Clip length: 00:13:14
Posted: 10/29/2018
File size: 428.96 MB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Mindfuck , Sub Training , Financial Domination , Femdom POV


Wardrobe: Open-toed heels or bare feet, short skirt, revealing top. Business/Office look. Serious demeanor with confidence.


Congratulate me for being picked for your next Blackmail fantasy project.


Explain how I'm now your personal ATM, and you're going to make me blow my wad every time you make a withdraw. The fact that me even reaching out to you is enough information for you to take my fantasy and mind fuck me till it's a reality. Using the blackmail number email I sent you, you were able to do a background search on me and found out where I live and work. You found my FB account, you know all my friends. I check all the boxes for a perfect blackmail "fantasy" candidate.


Halfway through the video: Go on at length about how you've done this before and how, sometimes, even after milking them dry, you're still not satisfied till you've also destroyed their ego, confidence, and psyche. Laugh about how you turn successful alpha men into penniless losers and I don't stand a chance. You already have me mindlessly horny till you get what you want.


Near the end: I'm only going to tell you this once, either you send me photo proof of you completing (A task of your choosing. Something that would be humiliating to hold over my head). Oh, and I also what written permission that I may use any photos at my discretion... Or you bite the bullet now and I start exposing you with the information I have at hand."


Give me a countdown to hit send and cum. Then tell me how badly I just fucked up and we are now starting me on a bi-weekly tribute plan, just $10 to start me off and my next assignment to request another "quote" for a custom video "I'm sure you're going to be very eager to pay the nonnegotiable price."


Interests: Feet, beta-male, sissification,