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Posted: 04/10/2018
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Look at you, on your knees and begging already. Don’t you know no one is listening to your pathetic prayers? Well, actually I am. Your very own special angel from heaven to deliver you this message… “FUCK YOUR RELIGION!” There’s only one God you should be serving and SHE is Goddess Ceara. You’ve spent your entire life listening to these old and fictional stories, believing it all to be true. That stupid book you read every day and night is nothing but lies printed over and over again for centuries. You’d get more pleasure out of rubbing your cock in the Bible. Spread your seed all over those pages like Christianity across the world. At least your prayers for finally having an orgasm will be answered, and it’s all because I showed you the light. Now worship your true divine Goddess, a PHYISCAL being you can actually serve in REAL LIFE!