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Fryes for Ballbusting- Would you like Fryes with that?

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Posted: 06/13/2016
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Category: Ball Busting
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Female Domination

You may remember this outfit from my TeamBallbuster! Shiny Scales and Scrotus where I destroyed some balls.  In this, I put my ball busting slave into the pants and whack them with my belt, small flogger, fists and BOOTS (Fryes) in a super hot outfit. A tease of ass, some epic abs, a giggle here and there, an obedient pain slut who loves all I dish out, even more with a theatre smile mask.  I love Fryes and Thigh highs. Might be a music festival/ desert thing but women in those things do it for me, even Me hahaha. I’ve tossed my hair up in pins because we’re having a heat wave, which is why burning hot bruises from my boots under breathless leggings causes even more discomfort for my slave and makes me giddy. REMINDER- this is a PAINSLUT. They can take REAL hard ballbusting directly on their junk.  I talk a bit to the camera but I’m mostly in the zone. Ends with a ten kick countdown we had to do twice (once cut out). HAHAHAH. Oh and there’s some slapping and grabbing too because I felt like it.

Contessa Zoe

PS. For the video where i'm literally wearing these pants kicking and punching balls: