Goddess Rosie

From Boss 2 Toilet- 960x540

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Clip length: 00:09:18
Posted: 03/21/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
Secondary categories:
Humiliation , Ass Worship , Toilet S1avery

Get down on your knees ass bitch. You know the drill. Nice to see my boss like this. You just couldn’t help yourself around an ass as nice as mine.


Here you are in my office drooling over it every single day. Bowing down in worship. I fucking own you! Your secretary has made you so weak. Not very “boss” like at all.


If only all your employees knew how you are my ass slut. I get to do whatever I want in this fucking office now. I know they have their suspicions being that you have not once penalized me for it.


As long as I keep bending over all the time and wearing these hot ass outfits, you are stuck. You WANT me to do all these things in the office. Makes you so hot, right?


But, I am getting bored. I took a look on your computer and found some interesting sh1t, literally. You want to eat from my ass don’t you toilet bitch? Great, because I want a toilet in this bitch and not a literal one. I want you to be my toilet slave.