Ceara Lynch

Friend Zoned

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Clip length: 00:08:04
Posted: 02/07/2019
File size: 587.68 MB
Category: Cuckolding

“We’re just friends.” The worst words a guy can hear when he has a crush on a girl. I know its heartbreaking since you had this big romantic weekend planned at your beach house, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship. The good news is I still like having you in my life. I may seem like I’m ignoring you, but I’m just a little distracted texting my new boyfriend. He keeps asking for hotter pictures of me, but my selfies are too dull. You know what guys like, so I ask you to take hot pics of me posing to send my BF. A girl should always have someone like you as a friend. You’re so nice, understanding, and generous, but I just can’t date a guy like you. I appreciate you helping me out, like letting me borrow that beach house this weekend since you won’t be using it anymore.

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