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Frankie Loves My Booty

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Posted: 07/15/2014
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Custom video where the name "Frankie" is used.


1. Start a video of it, rolling Without you in the picture yet.With the camera rolling Before you step into the scene say this line ("Hey Frankie Hope you got your slow motion ready cuz his booty time!")

2. Step into view right over the camera with your booty pointing at the camera so I can see your back side with you standingupright in the upshot Booty camera view. I would like to have the whole film filmed from underneath your booty not underneath your pussy underneath your booty while you talk

3. spread your legs over the camera so that bootyDon't stop playing with your booty swinging it and slapping it and shaking it twrking and bouncen it and talking about it make me harder and harder and so I keep cummin back like a feen.

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Contains ass worship, ass shaking, ebony goddess