Mistress Salem

Forest N***h Pheromone Succubus Spell JOI

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Posted: 10/07/2018
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JOI , Sweat Fetish , Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Pussy Worship

you have been lured off your path into a forest by an all natural Goddess,.. unable to resist My power, you follow Me into the woods drawn to Me by My sexy rebellious spirit, by the magic scent of Me, by the hair growing under My arms & on My pussy & sexy long legs..Now you could be caught by anyone but you can't resist Me, your cock is begging to cum already so turned on by this beautiful free spirit, so powerful & sexual... .I'm going to make you stroke your cock right here in this forest with your face in My armpits inhaling your destruction! I tease you with My armpits while I tell you just what you're now a victim of- My pheromones, so powerful that your cock swells immediately! My pheromones, the scent from My Goddess armpits & powerful pussy ... the magic scent distracted you into My world where you are now My slave to be ruthlessly dominated by My armpits My pussy My natural Goddess hair... you get harder the closer you come to Me & you will stroke for Me & give Me your cum - I AM GOING TO TAKE YOUR CUM and do a spell with My pheromones once you cum to cement you to serving Me forever!<br/><br/>I make you worship My entire Goddess body, taking off My leather jacket & sitting right on your face so you can inhale the scent of My powerful pussy while I brainwash you completely, mesmerizing you into licking the hairs in My armpits, your tongue in the soft armpit hair, then sliding your cock up and down between My Goddess armpits - remember what you're giving Me as I tease you with My ass & bring you so close to orgasm - this orgasm is all Mine & your cum completes the power of My Goddess scent! Following Me into the forest to worship the gorgeous all natural Goddess will cost you your cum - your cock is now all Mine - I will bring you to the most explosive incredible orgasm your cock feeling the power of My beautiful hairy pussy while I play with My thong & push your face deep into every part of My body! you will lick all the way up My long legs around My pussy & up My body until your face is in My armpits. Every detail so crystal clear, such a turn on, you can't resist Me & you want to cum so fucking bad! As long as you are breathing in My smell & getting high on it - that's what Goddess wants. Stroke your cock to My commands while you inhale My scent & give yourself to Me with this orgasm, cum all over My armpits, cum with your face buried in the scent of Salem while Goddess begs for your cum - the ingredient I must have to complete My spell- cover My body with your cum while I take all of your power! Every drop of cum is Mine. Now you are addicted to My armpits & you will never escape the need & addiction for My scent - the scent of My soft short natural pussy hairs & the soft hair under My arms that I have completely mindfucked you with!<br/><br/><br/>THIS CLIP IS PART 1 IN A SERIES OF PHEROMONE & CUM CONTROL EROTI MAGIC SPELLS. CLIP CONTAINS: armpit worship, jerk off instruction, all natural fetish, pussy worship, ass worship, thong, erotic magic, brainwashing, scent fetish, goddess worship, hairy armpits, armpit fetish, succubus, hairy pussy, bratty goddess, dirty talk, JOI, masturbation instruction, long legs, sub training, armpit licking, cum command, femdom POV