Mistress Salem

Forest N***h Goddess Seduction & Surrender

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Posted: 10/26/2018
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Category: Goddess Worship
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Foot Worship , Upskirt , Magic , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Female Domination

Follow Goddess into the forest for worship- into the place where My power becomes one with the power of creation in all of this earth, all of these trees & beautiful blue sky... Stare up at Me as I climb through the trees, My dress blowing in the wind & soles of My Goddess feet in your face as I tell you about My deep connection with nature, wrapped like a magical forest n***h around tree trunks above you dangling My feet playfully kicking them above you... I feel so at home here in the forest filled with the urge to be one with all of the life on this earth. I feel full with My legs wrapped around a thick veiny tree, feel the energy of the tree turning Me on - being outside in this splendor being teased seductively by Goddess you realize how small you truly are as a slave compared to the immense power of Me, My energy & connection to the forest ... how I can physically feel the plants reproducing, growing thicker & larger & stronger than your cock will ever be... I play in the trees stroking them teasing you with peeks up My dress while putting you in your place, playfully. I laugh because you will never fully understand this pleasure of being one with such power-The trees of this forest so old, wise, tall & powerful- the trees speak to Me, they fill Me with their powers of reproduction, growth. I grind up against the trees exposing My ass in a thong teasing you more as I tell you My plans for you. Now slave you are a tiny little seed. As forest n***h & tree witch I look at you & instead of seeing a man I see a seed that must be watered, cared for, grown only by Me to surrender your power to Goddess. Here in the trees where I am most powerful I love to seductively dangle My long legs to tease you, barefeet hanging down. I love feeling the air against My skin & you take every opportunity to worship My ass when My dress is pulled up onto the tree trunk & I mesmerize you, I brainwash you into surrendering yourself to Me entirely to be changed, transformed, into another power source for Me! I laugh as you are helpless now under the spell of My primal natural power & mindfucked after realizing the comparison between your cock and a thick tree trunk! Mesmerized by My legs you surrender to Me, understanding now why you must be put into the ground, to be planted and grown in My magical forest - Some day, you will fill Me up like the thick trees I climb hug hang on dangle off & sit on above you. There is nothing more in this world you would rather be than a piece of My magic forest, a thing that gives Me pleasure & satisfaction & fills Me up with everything I desire - The air is warm & My heavenly Goddess body seduces you into total surrender to the inescapable magic of nature & the forest n***h's sexual prowess & powers overtake you - every movement of My tall slender body sends waves of pleasure into you & you can feel it, the sex magic inside of Me! Now give yourself to Me, be My seed, to be planted.... This is just the very start of your journey... The erotic magic at work is so strong & you know only that every single word I say makes you weaker .... Now you will surrender to the forest witch giving yourself to Goddess forever & have faith in your transformation & where it shall take you! My words sink into your weakened submissive mind & you are a captive in My magical forest for Me to tease & toy with & turn into something magical fit to be pleasing Me!CLIP CONTAINS: goddess worship, female domination, long legs, tall goddess, femdom POV, erotic magic, mindfuck, feet, foot worship, soles, dirty feet, upskirt, mesmerize, size queen, magic transformation, nature, outside, forest, occultrix, ass worship, pussy worship, thong, tease & denial, laughing, bratty goddess, magic control, brainwashing, fantasy, female supremacy, enslavement, surrender, foot fetish