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Footdom Fantasies with Aspasia

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Posted: 11/14/2018
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Femdom POV

So you love feet and you love MY feet, this is for you.

Or maybe you are just starting off exploring foot fetishism, or interesting in incorporating foot appreciation into your Femdom play and submission: so many kinky power exchange things can happen when you are at or under my feet.

the kinky power exchange things that can happen when you are at or under my feet.

What kind of submission, fantasy or play do my feet inspire for you, foot slut?

  • Blissing out?
  • Stroking yourself somewhere?
  • Playing with your ass?
  • Holding your breath off and on?
  • Are you a foot freak in the making?

What does your foot-related submission look like? Explore that as you play, watching my feet with lots of underfoot views while I talk about the many faces of foot-related servitude. I love when slaves take the time to learn the types of Femdom and Footdom that I enjoy dishing out. Ends with a foot appreciating countdown.

you are welcome,

Aspasia    aka "Contessa"