Janey Jones

Foot Worship CEI

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Posted: 10/27/2017
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Breath Play , Foot Worship , MILF , Socks , Humiliation

You've been checking me out at the gym for a while now. I am a hot, confident, intelligent Cougar and I've noticed you staring hungrily at my MILF feet, so tonight I took you back to my house for some fun. I have far more sexual experience than you and I'm going to teach you a few things...You're shy and nervous to be in my home, especially with me laying on my bed with my MILF feet up, slowly rubbing my socks and soles together as I begin to work my magic. I tell you that I know your little secret. Yes, I've been watching you stare at my feet throughout every workout. Now that my hot, sweaty MILF feet are in front of your face, I ask you if you'd like to stroke to them. But there is a caveat: you must kneel down before me and promise to obey my every command. If you want to cum to my beautiful soles you must do exactly as I say. I reach back and caress my sweaty black socks and move them closer to your face as you fall under my spell. You're in good hands, young man. Now unzip your pants and let me show you how to worship the feet of a real woman...Now you are down on your knees with your pants unzipped. I encourage you to stroke it for me and worship my warm, sweaty, beautiful MILF feet. I tease you, slowly and seductively peeling off my black socks. I’m being sexy, scrunching my socks on and off, crossing them over my soft, pink soles, and curling my toes. “The slower the better,” I say, watching you as you sit under my MILF feet and stroke yourself to oblivion. My socks are off now, and I’m encouraging you to take big, deep breaths of my sweaty Goddess feet. I give you my gym socks and instruct you how to stroke and sniff at the same time...I take you to the edge, but before I let you cum I’ve got one more game to play…I know I'm sexy and intelligent and love using my feet to put a spell on younger men like you. And now I will use them to make you fully submissive to me, slowly and sensually rubbing my soles together and playing with my toes, mesmerizing you as I instruct you through an ultimate cum countdown of deep, regimented breathing and foot smelling...you will stroke until I say...and when I see that you are as weak as ever I tell you MY fantasy--I want to see you stroke your cock while smelling my feet until you cum, then I want to see you eat your own cum. If you agree to lap it up I'll help you get it out, but you're going to do it exactly the way I want you to...