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Posted: 03/20/2018
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Cheerleaders , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Foot/Shoe Fetish

You're the only person who actually gets closer to me when I take off my socks after cheer practice. I know what you are. You're a little foot freak, aren't you? Since you've given me your allowance for the week in exchange for letting you lick them, I'll keep your secret. But I want more from you. I know this turns you on, little foot freak. So whip out your dick and masturbate in front of me. You're drooling, look at you. You're totally mesmerized by my toes, you little foot freak. I'm going to countdown your orgasm on each of my ten little toes. I say we make this a regular thing. If you change your mind, I'll tell everyone.

Bratty foot worship.