Ceara Lynch

Flush Your Life Away

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Posted: 05/08/2017
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Category: Female Domination

Life is full of little reminders. Some reminders change your whole life, engrained forever in your memory. I happen to be a proud scar on your memory reminding you of the many ways I torment your life. Whether it is my feet, whip, or my dirty panties, my men know me various talents to dominate you. One popular symbol in my world are my sheer black tights. A little reminder of the power and control I have over men. Today, I’m leaving you with another reminder of why I own you. I can make you do whatever I want because you are my slave. I’ll make you put your cock in chastity and padlock yourself to something heavy, imprisoning you like a lowly slave in a dungeon to serve your mistress. There is no way your tiny cock can break the chains binding you to your permanent memorial. This is true devotion to serve me, giving up your entire life and locking yourself up for me. There is only one more thing left to demonstrate absolute submission… I want you to flush the keys down the toilet!