Beautiful B's Kinky Fun and Punishment!

Flip Flop Fest with Goddess Brandon

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Clip length: 00:07:25
Posted: 11/21/2015
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Category: Dirty Feet/Shoes
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Toes , Foot Domination

My feet are fucking smelly really, really smelly but I just got out of the bathtub, it's time for these NASTY flip flops to go. I give them a smell and you see me gag ;/ how humiliating my own feet smell bad enough to make me gag!!!!!!! Are you serious right now? Are you actually hard right now? WOW, that's pathetic here you go loser get a closer look, have a taste and deep inh@le of my foot funk, you get harder and harder! You really want them don't you? You want to press these flip flops against your face, taste the soles with your tongue and s***p with my foot stench seeping into your nose as you dream of my beautiful feet! THESE FLIP FLOPS HAVE BEEN WORN THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2015, THEY SMELL LIKE A BEAR'S ASSHOLE. I WILL SELLING THEM TO THE FIRST PERSON TO CONTACT ME! WATCH VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS!