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Fixated on CEI *custom*

Price: $11.99
Clip length: 00:10:25
Posted: 05/18/2018
File size: 369.82 MB
Category: Cum Eating Instruction
Secondary categories:
Bi Humiliation , Gay

*Custom Clip* description: “Please use my name Jason throughout the clip. Call me a faggot. Tease me about how i am fixated on eating my own cum and think im straight but after years of eating my cum for you i want other guys cum and cocks and how I want to taste it. Make me eat my cum and give my self a facial. Tease me with your ass and tits and humiliate me afterwards that you made me a faggot cum eater. I won't be cumming from the time the clip is purchased till delivery for a big load :)”


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