Ceara Lynch

Fist Yourself Anal Training

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Clip length: 00:08:56
Posted: 02/04/2019
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Category: Bi Humiliation

You belong to me! I can do whatever I want with my slaves. Fight all you want at first because all I need is to f***e you to sniff some pop-pers and you’ll be more devoted than my most willing servant. I’m going to degrade you and treat you like the piece of $hit that you are. As my slave, you will do absolutely anything for me, even being my whore. I will train your tight little boyhole to take the biggest cocks. We will stretch that hole out one finger at a time, until your ass has swallowed my whole f!st. All it takes is some pop-pers and your asshole will start opening up and relaxing. Then, I’ll be able to p!mp that ass out to all my top Alpha Men, so you can understand why you only deserve to serve. You’re only here to get fucked, never fucking pussy ever again. Now, you’re the pussy, and that ass will be the pussy all men will line up to fuck!

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