Ceara Lynch

First Orgasm with Stepmom

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Posted: 01/28/2018
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Category: Masturbation Instruction

It's not easy getting a new parent, especially at an age full of changes and young angst the last thing you need is a stepmom bossing you around. Believe me, I know what you’re going through and I feel I can actually help you. I bet you might even realize how much you actually like me. I want to bond with you, but I can’t replace your m****r, I can however teach you something she would never be able to. I have an idea that’ll bring us closer. I’m going to teach you how to masturbate. Don’t be shy, you’re lucky to have such a nice stepmother that let’s her stepson jerkoff to her. I’ll teach you all about that young cock and how to deal with all those new emotions and feelings you’re going through. I’m very good at using a man’s cock. Why do you think your f****r married me?