Kelle Martina

First Night Cuckold

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Posted: 06/28/2018
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Tonight’s the big night, honey. I’ve been your hot wife and you’ve been my cuck for months now, but this is the first time you’ll be in the room while I’m getting fucked. You’ll be there watching and, well I promised him some extra stuff from you. I know we didn’t talk about it but I already said that you would fluff his cock before he fucked me. Oh look, you’re dick is getting hard! Obviously you like that idea even if you find it very humiliating.

That’s not all, he’s going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to eat his cum from my pussy. Obviously he can cum a lot more times than you can. You’re totally worthless in bed, which is why you’re my little cuck and I’m very excited for you to experience what I get to experience firsthand. I’m eager to go get some dick so get ready! No cumming until all of us have cum more than once!

Hot nasty cuckold description.

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