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Finishing off the Weak Bitch

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Clip length: 00:10:51
Posted: 07/28/2017
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Category: Beatdown
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Biceps , Small Penis Humiliation

*Custom Clip* Last custom you did for me was "challenged to a rematch by a womanly bitch" so this would be a similar idea.

I finally recovered from the last time you beat my ass but you've tracked me down to finish the job, as such a wimpy loser doesn't deserve to live on your planet. (Basing your insults off my photos and using my name Dan) You'd start by making fun of my wimpy body and 5in dick while taunting me with your own muscles and fit body. After a few minutes of merciless taunting you'd then throw a punch to the camera, the idea being that I've now b*********t. (Doesn't actually need to be a cut or anything fancy here)

As I regain consciousness you describe what happened in the fight, detailing how you overpowered, wrestled me down and beat me up. Hoping you can talk about all the humiliating moves you used, from smothers, to punches, scissors, titty twisting and anything you want. Finally you decide to finish me off, either with a pov breast smother or facesit, making fun of me as I go out for good.