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Findom Dance

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Posted: 02/08/2017
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Guys like you don't even get to "go out" to nice bars and dance clubs and pick up hot girls like me. Even if you are cute, you are ashamed of your small dick and intimidated by women like me who get big dicks by muscular guys who can fuck us like we want. You can't even compare. It's humiliating. You buy videos and porn and give your money to us pretty females anyhow tho. We demand it just for our attention and sometimes a glimpse into this awesome life that we have, that you will never be a part of. You are basically an ATM for us girls and your brain turns to mush. Im going to let you see me dance just like I do when I go out and have fun, but you are going to pay me for the privilege. Send money to me after watching this to pay for my drinks tonight ok? Good boy. Now go stroke your average or below dick while I go have fun.