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Financially Fucked by My Perfect Ass

Price: $99.99
Clip length: 00:08:59
Posted: 04/30/2015
File size: 398.45 MB
Category: Financial Domination
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Ignore Fetish , Brat Girls , Ass Worship

This video is a complete rip off.  I literally do nothing except ignore you while I am on my phone.  But you know you enjoy the idea of paying a lot of money to drool over my ass.  You are mesmerized by it.  It h********s you into complete submission to me.  My ass is perfect and you get to worship it in high definition like you are actually in my bedroom, which you know will never actually happen.  I expect all of my current and future slaves to buy this video and watch it over and over again.  And then I want you to message me and tell me this is the best hundred dollars you have ever spent and thank me for making it.