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Filth Dungeon Beat Down- Slaves Eye View

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Clip length: 00:12:39
Posted: 04/15/2016
File size: 287.33 MB
Category: Double Domination
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Beatdown , Scissorhold , Female Domination

So many of you loved our Double Domination beatdown of Kismat and have craved being in that filthy hallway getting your asses kicked by us. Imagine yourself in a cage, waiting on the cold floor, watching the dust kick up from the floor, watching Kismat pant and groan. This is footage of the exact scene from the earlier release. More on this version here.


..but shot on a lesser quality camera, and does not capture all of the action. I think this view is amazing and Kismat loves both versions. The only sound difference is you can hear my Skype ping in this version. hahahThe original write up.Miss Xi and I delight in a slave who can "take it". That doesn't mean they are rewarded for taking it with more than their scrapes, bruises, and the crud they breathe in off the floor. Here we get down and dirty and deliver a start to finish beat down of punches, kicks, knees, slaps, scissors, pins in a one sided beatdown with our pain junkie Kismat taking it. We set up in a beautiful old and filthy dungeon hallway, candles to burn away the stench, and get covered in filth tag teaming wallops, crushing, smothering and more. I occasionally check out my side cam to make sure that I'm capturing the suffering on the floor for myself for later. Hot boots, hot asses, be a fly on the wall for a brutal beat down for the sake of beatdowns with one lucky pain slut.