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Posted: 08/10/2018
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Threesomes , Humiliation , Femdom POV

It’s my little sissy cuckold! You’ve experienced so much over the past 6 months; feminization, humiliation, unending embarrassment, cuckolded, but this will be the best task of them all. You’ve been hearing dirty details about the way my boyfriend fucks me. You’ve even watched a couple times, but this time you’re going to be right in on the action.

I’m going to shave you smooth, lotion you, perfume you just like a girl, taping your worthless little dick out of the way. Then I’m going to stuff you under the bed while he and I fuck. With the lights out, he won’t notice when my “girlfriend, Amanda” comes into the room. You’ll be hidden under the bed listening to every moan. He’s going to fuck your mouth and your ass just like a girl. I’ll keep him busy and distracted so he has no idea what’s going on and you’re going to get to fulfill you biggest fantasy, finally fucking a real man just like a woman. I know you want this, you just need a little extra push.

Femme fuck switcheroo!