Annabel Fatale

Feminisation H***0 - Sissies Little Gift

Price: $25.00
Clip length: 00:36:51
Posted: 05/22/2016
File size: 183.05 MB
Category: Feminization
Secondary categories:
Sissy Training

Welcome to sissies little gift. Originally a custom request, but too good not to put in stores. 

A very very deep t****e that will guide you into the white room, where, you will experience the magical feminizing effects that a gift box of female clothing, perfume and make-up will have. Apply the lipstick for the ultimate in sissy female orgasm experience.

A really deep intricate H******s that will leave sissies panties in a cum soaked mess.

This file is genuine H******s so please listen in a safe environment and do not attempt to operate a vehicle directly after listening. 

Please note: This file is 90% audio as it is genuine H******s and performed in the same manner as offered by hypnotherapists. 

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